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Illusions By Vick

Drawing Room (or Parlor) Magic
-Dynamic entertainment in a sophisticated atmosphere.
Great for gatherings of 15 to 125 guests
Crafted specially for your event
To Engage Imaginations, Touch Hearts and Tickle Funny Bones

Mobile Station Performance
- Innovative alternative to strolling (or walk around)
magic that encourages guests to enjoy magic at their leisure while
adding to the elegance, intrigue and festivity of your event.

Stage (Platform) Magic
- Broader and larger performance scope.
Can include larger illusions such as Houdini's Metamorphosis,
Strait Jacket Escape, magically producing a "special" guest,
the "Amazing Prediction" and other illusions.
Recommended for larger parties, events and banquets.
Illusions by Vick is a self contained show and provides all
our own equipment including PA system for stage shows.

Fund Raisers
- Magical Events with a program tailored to meet or exceed
your specific financial goals while promoting core values.
Illusions by Vick works with you to promote the show
through providing advertising materials, doing pre-show work and applies
experience obtained from previously performing successful fund raisers.
Everyone has an outstanding evening out,
is entertained and amazed while supporting your worthwhile cause.

Trade Shows -
Attract more clients to your booth,
(and get them to "cross the carpet")
generate more business and increase your trade show presence.
Illusions by Vick has special magical effects crafted to attract a crowd.
Great for new product launches or getting more eyes to your booth!
Illusions By Vick will promote your message, products and services
in an entertaining, magical fashion to both new and existing clients.
With 3 to 10 minute presentations designed to attract more attendees to
(and through) your booth to 15 to 30 minute information sharing shows.
Illusions by Vick provides marketing solutions to your company's quest for
greater recognition and increased market share. Clients will remember
your message and talk about your company long after the show. 

p.s. I was a successful marketing director for 12 years before becoming
a professional performer. I am familiar with and can deliver what it takes
to help grown your business.

Corporate Events & Parties
Reward your company with an unforgettable experience.
A floating paper rose set on fire and real rose pulled from the flames.
Your company's best poker player is tested on their bluffing abilities.
A mysterious package is delivered weeks before the show to your office
then opened by anyone you choose
at the show to reveal impossible predictions.

An amazing moment about love and how our hearts grow stronger.

These magic effects aren't just "tricks", they are woven
into the show through captivating stories and shared experiences.
Amazement and fun are the core of this event entertainment
You can share and experience all this plus much, much more.
Illusions by Vick provides outstanding entertainment for company events,
picnics, holiday parties and on site promotions. From recognizing
top performers in your organization, a one of a kind team building
experience or just enjoying, celebrating and sharing
an amazing magical experience.

If you don't see the entertainment you have in mind here
please call or email and we can discuss your interests and special event

If I could please share a little of the process.
First we speak by telephone or email
What ever is most convenient and comfortable for you.
I learn about you, your event, the occasion
and what is most important to you.
If you would like anyone honored,
the experience you want create
and share with your guests or clients.
If yours is a corporate event
Then I study your website and any
information you would like to provide.
That information goes into crafting a performance
specific for your event and promotion.
13 years performing experience, intense study, training
and performing over 2,700 shows provide the experience to
create an amazing entertainment program just for you.

Anything from having someone "magically" appear on stage
to including guests interests
or emotional touching moments in the show.
Magical effects to share and highlight your message and to get your
guests thinking, feeling, having fun and sharing a very special
and amazing entertainment experience.

Call 443-540-9631 or email
For more information and we can discuss your event

From that first call or email
Illusions by Vick is always here for you.
Just a phone call or email away
For any questions, suggestions, requests or
to be of assistance in any way I can

Amazing, Sophisticated and Fun Entertainment

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